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Join young musicians from across Scotland in our digital play-along.

What is it?

With most of us spending more time at home, we have partnered with Fèisean nan Gàidheal to get young people all across Scotland involved in an exciting new video project. We would like as many singers and musicians as possible to record themselves performing our song, Beò and Dòchas. We’ll then combine all of the videos together from across the different Fèisean to create our digital Fèis orchestra.

What do I need?

[themify_icon icon=”ti-music-alt”] Your instrument / voice

[themify_icon icon=”ti-video-camera”] A device with a camera and microphone

[themify_icon icon=”ti-headphone”]  Another device with headphones 

What do I do?

Step 1: Listen/ learn our song Beò an Dòchas.

You’ll find lyrics, a chord chart and a melody part to get you started at the link below. No matter what instrument you play, everyone can get involved.

Step 2: Record a landscape video of yourself playing along to the track.

Play the guide track on another device using headphones and record yourself playing along – make sure we can see you clearly in the centre and middle of your video (i.e. don’t cut your head off at the top of the shot). All videos should be in landscape (the long way, horizontal as apposed to upright/vertical/portrait). It’s important that we can only hear your instrument / voice so please make sure you are using headphones with the device playing the guide track. And be creative – if you want to add your own part / harmony then please do… have fun!

Step 3: Submit your video by Sunday 31st May

Email your video to by the end of May. Some video files may be too large for email so you may want to upload to a file sharing service such as Dropbox / Google Drive or send directly via WeTransfer. Alternatively, videos can be submitted via WhatsApp to 07595175099.